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Overcoming Fears – First Class Style

I’ve debated on publishing this post for a little while now (ultimately because of fear… fear of what others think, fear of someone taking it the wrong way, etc.) But boy would I be contradicting my words if I let those fears hold me back from sharing my heart below. So here it is, for […]

Have a Laugh… You’ll Feel Better

I received this book today from a special person in my life who just lost a very dear friend of hers. The book is called “Laughter Was Created For Days Like This – Prayers, Chuckles, & Reminders That God Really Has Things Under Control“. She would read experts from this book to her friend often […]

Father’s Day 2013

As I reminisce through photos of my Dad and I this morning, I can’t help but feel so blessed to have the father I have. My Dad never missed a special moment in my life… Whether it was something so simple {like playing Dream Phone with me when I was little, coaching me through all […]

“Cheese Please” & a Heart of Gold

My four year old Angel never ceases to amaze me… When it comes to having a “Heart of Gold”, this child wins the trophy. Let’s back up a few days before telling the story from this morning: Cheese does NOT last long in the Hatfield Household. Especially the Babybel kind!  Two days ago, Mommy was CRAVING […]

Dress Myself Thursday

Life has been CRAZY,FUN, and CRAZY-FUN here in the Hatfield Household lately. I’m still enjoying Cash picking out his wardrobe every Thursday… I’ve just failed to share photos for several weeks now. However, this week I’m back in action! Check out Cash Money in his rockin’ pirate outfit with army snow boots and a lime green do-rag. […]

Dress Myself Thursday

After this handsome fella dressed himself this morning {an every Thursday ritual} he found a ziploc baggy and packed all his important toys. He wished me farewell, for he was going on a vacation with those toys…

4 Year Old Jokes Are Always The Best…

A popular joke around the Hatfield Household is: QUESTION: “How do you make a tissue dance?” ANSWER: “Put a little boogie in it!” Cute, right? Well it’s even cuter when Cash tells it {tells wrong that is}… and that is why it’s even cuter. Oh, and he picks his nose in this video for ya […]