Meet The Hatfields

He’s crazy. I’m cool.

We made some crazy-cool kids. We laugh. A lot. We live in the moment.

Don’t visit unless you have jokes, coffee, wine, or dessert.

Mr. Hatfield is a movie connoisseur. Patience is his name. Dry humor is his game {my two favorite qualities of his}. Einstein and Lincoln are his pals. He speaks PHP and nerd.

Mrs. Hatfield dances around in the kitchen, always concocting new recipes, baking, and crafting the best specialty lattes with her Espresso Machine. Or, you can find her hiding around corners constantly scaring people 😉 Be on your toes if you visit.

You can find Mr. C outside playing baseball, digging and collecting unique rocks, working on his coin collection with Daddy, or surfing the net for the next best Jimmy Fallon video. Oh, we’re sure he inherited that ‘dry humor’ gene from his Daddy.

Mr. R is hard to find. We’re positive he has super human powers. He moves at the speed of light. If you can catch him, he gives the BEST kisses. It’s rare to see this boy in anything other than his skibbies.