You Are…

Before I catch up to the few blog posts I’ve been slacking on with my “30 Days 30 Topics” series, I have a blog posts that I deem quite a bit more important… As many of our Facebook Friends and Family already know, today is a very special day. Today I give thanks to two wonderful people in my life, Lucian and Belinda Hatfield, for creating and bringing into this world such a beautiful soul 29 years ago to the day… my husband. Anyone who has ever met him, briefly or personally, knows that he is not your average every day Joe. He is one amazing individual, and amazing is putting it lightly. So today, I want to acknowledge and share all the wonderful qualities that he possesses and radiates to those around him. I know I’m far from covering all of them, because he’s such a phenomenal human being… so please, add to the list and flood his heart with lots of love.


You are love

You are inspiration to more people than you know

You are kind-hearted

You are passionate in all you do

You are positive

You are the the ultimate role model of the greatest husband, father, and friend

You are joy

You are laughter

You are a bit nerdy, but oh so sexy =) (had to throw that one in there)

You are comfort

You are beautiful memories

You are gentle

You are patience

You are intelligence

You are the definition of determination

You are sleeping… literally… right now as I type =)

You are logical

You are respectful

You are a good singer (a hidden talent of yours I truly believe)

You are hard-working

You are persistence

You are Putting Others Before You

You are thoughtful

You are always appreciative of anything I do for you

You are Manners and so wonderful at teaching those manners to Cash

You are a leader

You are my rock

You are your boys’ hero

You are my best friend, my husband, my soulmate, my life.

Happy Birthday Love.