Au Naturale…

That’s the plan second time around… During my labor with Cash, I had an unpleasant experience with my epidural and I’m not so sure I want to go that route again. Unfortunately, I jumped when the needle went in, a nerve was hit, yada yada yada from there on out. I strongly believe that my epidural was a direct result of the daily headaches and temple pains I had afterwards, up until I got pregnant with Roman. Oddly enough (and knocking on wood) I haven’t had many during my pregnancy (thank you Lord). I could be completely wrong, and something else may be contributing to my headaches, but I’ve chosen to attempt a natural birth… no drugs, no epidural… nodda. Key word though… attempt. I’m not forcing myself nor am I dead set on one option or the other. It’s simply something I want to try.

With all that said, here’s why I’m sharing this…All you Mama’s out there who have experienced a drug-free delivery, I would greatly greatly appreciate any advice/tips/words of encouragement… because I’m in need of it.

While we’re talking about Labor… anyone up for sharing their birth stories? I LOVE hearing the stories from others of what they have experienced:) I find birth stories so fascinating.