Best. Blog. Ever.

A few months back when my husband and I were dealing with some unexpected news regarding our second child, (needless to say, he appears now to be a very healthy little boy with not a suspicious bone in his tiny little body growing and kicking wildly in my belly) I spilled my heart out in a blogpost called Scares and Prayers . After sharing our story, someone I’ve never even met, but was friends with on Facebook, sent me a link to this blog I’m about to share with all of you. I’m forever grateful that she shared this with me.  Thank you Elizabeth. It’s been life changing and has altered my perspective on many opinions I once had. Isn’t it funny how God places certain people in your life in the most interesting ways? It’s amazing really…

So this morning, if you have a few minutes, check out this incredible blog. (FYI, you may want to grab a few tissues because you must start here when you begin reading.)

After reading the Birth Story of Nella, I think I read every single blog post Kelle Hampton has ever written, in a single day. I was addicted… and I’m still addicted. You very well may be too… Enjoy.

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  • I agree. I caught wind of this blog once and wow. Sobbed. Couldn’t pull myself away. Thanks for sharing!

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