“Daddy, I love you”

I hear lots of people toss around the term “Terrible Twos” and it’s something I just cannot relate to. I’m pretty thankful for it actually. I woke up this morning thinking to myself “We really do have the sweetest, most polite 2 year old I think there is.” (Not to mention cutest) Anyone who ever watches him or spends some time around him, they are always quick to comment about how polite he is. THAT makes a Momma proud:) Yesterday, while my husband was home with Cash, he said Cash was running around playing while he was in the kitchen. Cash came running from behind, gave Clifton a big hug and said “Daddy I love you”, then ran back off to play. We have raised such a loving little boy.

This brings me to an important question: Do you tell your child/children you love them on a daily basis? If not… do so. This may come across blunt, but that’s my intention. There’s no beating around the bush when it comes to showing your children affection. I know Clifton and I aren’t the perfect parents, and we definitely make our mistakes, but we have never shorted Cash of affection. Some parents put so much emphasis on parenting do’s and dont’s, which is ok if that’s what is important to you. But don’t ever neglect your child of affection. Children need it.

Thank you Mom and Dad for ALWAYS, even to this day, telling me you love me, giving me hugs and kisses, never saying goodbye without an “I love you”. It has made me the parent I am today. When you love someone, you tell them, every single day. You never know what tomorrow may bring.