January 12, 2012

First For Everything…

It’s never too late to publish drafts from before Roman was born. I came across a recent draft of mine, that, for whatever reason, never reached my readers. Well, here you go dear friends. Check it out. Roman’s very first text message, received 2 days before he entered this world. 


What: Roman’s First Text Message

Sender: Aunt Lindsey

Date: 11.12.11

Time: 9:52pm

Message: Dear baby Roman, Auntie Lindsey needs to get up in the morning and do her hair before your anticipated arrival:) I am so ecstatic for your already descending (meaning in a downward motion, not in an insulting manner) Just allow me to look decent for our first picture together!!! All my love, Aunt Lindsey

One Comment on “First For Everything…

January 12, 2012 at 11:10 pm

HAHAHAHAHA!! sounds like lindsey…

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