Funnies From Cash

If 2 1/2 isn’t the funniest age then I don’t know what is. Lately, some of the things that have rolled off my child’s tongue has astounded me. Here are just a FEW of the latest and greatest from the one and only Cash Money:

Convo with Mommy and Cash while Mommy is taking a shower…

Cash: Hunny!
Mommy: What?
Cash: Hunny!!
Mommy: What??
Mommy: WHAT?
Cash: Hunny… You lookin gooooood!

Convo between Cash and Mommy during dinnertime, waiting for Daddy to get home, and Cash not eating his food (of course) so Mommy threatens him that Daddy will spank his butt… which he totally WOULDN’T do. We then hear Daddy pull in the driveway...

Cash {looking scared}: What will Daddy do?
Mommy: Spank your butt if you don’t eat.
Cash: What’s Daddy gonna do?
Mommy: You better take a bite before Daddy spanks your butt.
Cash: (Cash handing me his food)… Take a bite Mommy. Daddy won’t spank your butt.

Now that’s a smart boy.

Going over names.

Mommy: What’s your name?
Cash: Cash Andrew Scott Hatfield
Mommy: What’s Mommy’s name?
Cash: Christine Hatfield Mommy
Mommy: What’s Daddy’s name?
Cash: Dippy Hatfield
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What funny things are your kids saying these days? I LOVE hearing these kind of stories!