Gifts from the Heart of Cash

For Clifton’s Birthday, I took Cash to the Dollar Tree and let him pick out whatever his little heart desired for his Daddy… And OH was this a comical event. He picked out everything, from the wrapping paper to the Halloween Birthday card. No help or suggestions from Mommy. He was quite proud of himself after our shopping adventure was over. Mommy was even sure to capture this special event on camera and made Daddy a Photobook of our trip to the Dollar Tree. Check out our adventure below:

Daddy would look fabulous in this!

We HAVE to have a little fun before choosing the gifts, right?

Spongebob Christmas Wrapping Paper? Yes, please.

I got this...

Mission Complete... let's go Mom!

Cash wrapped every individual gift himself…

Daddy will LOVE these gifts...

Sealed with a Cash Kiss.

Precision is Key.

Welp, I think we're finished here Mom!

And now, the grand finally…

Photobook of Cash's Shopping Trip

Cash was SO proud to give these gifts to Daddy. Clearly, Daddy was happy to receive them!

Can you guess which card Cash picked out for Clifton?

Oh the gifts...

Flashlight – Check

Gift Bows – Check

Tape Measurer – Check

Sweet Ceramic Animals – Double Check

Star Wars Coloring Book – Check

Cartoon compact wash cloth that expands in water – Check

Best Gifts Clifton ever received – You can bet that’s a big  red CHECK

7 Responses to “Gifts from the Heart of Cash

  • Sally Cain
    5 years ago

    SOOO Cute!!!!

  • Thanks Sally! Cash really did have so much fun picking out anything he wanted to. He was positive Daddy would love his gifts, and sure enough, he did:) We were all laughing so hard when Clifton was opening his gifts. lol

  • Best birthday presents and card I’ve ever gotten. I even have one ceramic lion on my desk at the office and one on my desk at home! I love them! 🙂

  • Oh yes, the ceramic animals were my favorite gifts he picked out for you. Hilarious!!! Love love love it!

  • LOL that is sooo cute!

  • Thanks “Aunt Lelah” =) We miss you. Seems like it’s been forever since we’ve seen you!

  • Melissa Brewer
    4 years ago

    This is so cute. Kids are hilarious. We do this at Christmas. Each kid gets to pick out one thing for each grandparent. It’s so much fun! I will have to remember the photo album process. That’s a fantastic idea 🙂 What wonderful memories.

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