My Best Friend

Today is a very special day. 24 years ago, my best friend Leah was born into the world. Little did I know (literally, I was 2 months old…I knew very little) that one day this girl would be the greatest friend of mine. Even in Elementary I had the slightest clue. I didn’t even like her then!  Sorry Leah, but it was the truth=) It wasn’t until Middle School that she became one of my closest and dearest friends, a friend of a lifetime.

We did everything together. We were boy crazy together. We walked the halls together, dyed our hair together, spent every weekend together. We stayed the night together during school days, planned our wardrobe to match (this seemed to be a weekly goal of ours in junior high), braided our entire heads in tiny braids and thought we were the coolest girls in school, went swimming out at Filburn’s Pond and wrote silly things all over our bodies. I remember staying up late and having parties in her parents’ garage, golfing together through high school and constantly contemplating of quitting golf, making up dances in the “backroom” at my Mom’s, dressing up in her Mom’s old clothes from the 70’s, making Jerry Springers. This list could go on and on. I have the best memories with Leah that put the biggest smile on my face when I think about them. But now I want to share just a few reasons why she my best friend.

Leah is the most honest person I know. She doesn’t sugar-coat anything for you. She tells you how it is. And I love that quality about her. In fact, I envy that quality.

She is so forgiving. We’ve definitely had our moments of disagreements or arguments, but she always finds it in her heart to forgive me. For example:  I keep reminding her of this picture to the right. She hates this photo. But she forgives me for occasionally sending her a picture message through text of it:)

She’s the first friend of mine to call me when she knows something is wrong. If I could count on any friend to be there for me in desperate times, it’s her.

We could spend the whole entire day together, have hardly any conversation, and we’d still have a blast. Just being in each others presence seems to be enough for us.

She listens. I mean really listens. You can tell when a friend is listening, and you can tell when a friend is listening but isn’t really paying attention. There are those “friends” who talk and talk about themselves and before you know it, hours have passed and you haven’t gotten a word in about your own life or they haven’t bothered to ask about how you’ve been. Not Leah. Leah has always been concerned about what I have to say as well.

I’ve said before, there’s give and take in relationships. This goes for friendships also. I think Leah and I have the perfect balance of that=)

She has seen me at my best, and most definitely at my worst, and yet she is still my best friend.

So today, I want to wish my best friend a very Happy Birthday. I’m so thankful for such a true friend like you and all the joys and sorrows we’ve experienced together. I hold our friendship and bond we have very close to my heart. I love you Leah Marie! Happy Birthday!

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