What are you passionate about? Baking? Sewing? Giving advice to new parents? Sports? Fashion? Cars? Crafts? An expertise on a particular topic? If something popped in your head immediately when you read my first question, well let me ask you this… Have you ever considered blogging about it? If so, what’s holding you back? Let me share with you what held me back for so long, and maybe we have something in common and I can help you overcome that fear.

I was nervous I wouldn’t have enough things to write about. I was nervous to share my thoughts with others. I was scared to receive negative feedback. I was scared to receive NO feedback. For as bad as I wanted to start blogging, I was scared, for more reasons than I just shared with you. But I did it. And you know what? It feels AMAZING. I love it. No feedback or not, positive feedback or negative. Not everyone in the entire world will agree with you, and that’s okay… Let me repeat that… THAT’S OKAY!

A few weeks ago, I heard a quote that hasn’t been able to escape my head. It reads like this: On the other side of your greatest fears lives your greatest life” – Robin Sharma. So whatever may be holding you back, think about the possibilities and gratification waiting on the other side of that fear. Focus on that, not your fear. Focus on the positive, not the negative. The negativity will only help you grow as a person. If you never grow, you never know.

Now, if you’ve decided that a Blog is something you would like to pursue, your next question may be this: How do I get started? For a limited time only, my husband has slashed his prices for his professional blogging service through Empowered Blogs. He has built hundreds of blogs, for people just like you. Instead of $349, right now you can purchase your very own blog for only $99 (We even do the setup and graphics for you!) It’s hassle-free, simple, professional, and comes with tons of Support for any questions you may have from the Blog Rockstar himself.

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“On the other side of your greatest fears lives your greatest life” – Robin Sharma

What are you waiting for?

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