Too many shoes Mommy

There was a young toddler, who lived in a shoe

His Mommy had so many heals that she didn’t know what do

Finally Daddy was fed up, and demanded to sell some

So Mommy obeyed…

(crap, I got nothing)

Anyways, I thought this was so stinkin’ cute. This past weekend I was getting ready in my bathroom when I turned around to find Cash was out of sight. I should’ve known he was hiding somewhere in my closet (He LOVES playing in Mommy’s shoes). I then crouched  over to see him buried amongst my million pairs of shoes (that Daddy is always so thrilled about) with the biggest grin on his face… too cute to not snap a picture.

Well, here it is… I love the illusion, as if he’s sitting in my boot. I don’t think it could’ve turned out any better.