We Did It

WOW… hard work sure pays off. Fall of last year, my husband and I started something called a 90 Day Body By Vi Challenge. Initially, our intentions were to lose weight. Over a few months, our weight-loss goals were achieved with a total loss of 35+ lbs between the both of us! So you may be wondering by now what we did??

Check It: vi-diet.com

Thank you Visalus, for allowing us to do something we enjoy together as husband and wife. We make a great team=)

Not only have we lost weight and gained self-confidence, but we’ve helped TONS of people across the country lose weight. What a feeling. I remember one night, I received a text message from a customer of ours. I saved the text and I go back to it every once in awhile to remind me that even changing just ONE person’s life is worth what we’ve done.

“I saw my mom last weekend. She looks so good. She lost a lot of weight. She took herself off her diabetic medication as well as her blood pressure medicine. She said she feels great. I am so proud of her. Thanks to Visalus!”

(There are no medical claims with Visalus, this was just from a particular customer.)

Besides our weight-loss, and the weight-loss of our customers, we now make over $1,000 a month working PART-TIME AND we earned a BMW. Yes, Visalus gives us $600/MONTH towards any black, silver, or green BMW of our choice:) How awesome is that? Oh, and the best part is… we get our products FREE!

Visalus isn’t just a company but a culture. If you’re looking for a family of nothing but love and support, you’ve come to the right place. If you’re interested in learning more about how we do what we do, get in contact with me. We want to share the Body By Vi 90 Day Challenge with the world!

Who will you help?

Love my Vi-Family



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