You Have A Choice

I was strolling through a book store awhile back, and I was eavesdropping on a conversation between two of the workers behind the counter. Their voices projected so loudly that I couldn’t help but listen. As I was listening, I began to wonder if they somehow knew that I was a young women, a mother, a wife, a college drop-out (I can proudly say that because Clifton and I have both done pretty darn good for ourselves, taking into consideration neither of us completed college), and I have hopes to one day be a stay-at-home Mom.

I’m almost positive that the girl rambling on was still in high school, to a woman much older than she. The high school girl was ranting about young women who graduate high school and wind up pregnant and find themselves never finishing college, then wanting to be a stay at home Mom while the Father busts his butt working hard to take care of his family. She swore up and down she would NEVER be “that girl” because that’s how they ALL wind up. You can probably take a pretty darn good guess I was on fire listening to this rotten perception of hers. I ended up walking out before I said something I would later regret because the truth of the matter is this:

It’s not about becoming “That Girl”… it’s about how you deal with the cards you’ve been dealt. I wouldn’t change my life or any aspect of it if I had the opportunity. I’ve always known since a young age that I wanted to the gift of a marriage and child early on in life. I look at my situation as nothing less than a Blessing, because that’s precisely what it is. Now I understand that my ideal life isn’t necessarily ideal to everyone else. We all have our own goals and aspirations, and they vary person to person. If they didn’t, well then… this world wouldn’t be very interesting now would it?

This is NOT me telling all young people to run off, get knocked up, drop out of college, because if you do, life is pretty peachy. This IS me telling you this: If you find yourself in a predicament you did not anticipate to happen, it’s really okay because today you have a choice. You have a choice to make the very best of your situation or let it get the best of you. If you have experienced the same things I have in life, and didn’t foresee it happening (like many things in life)… you’ve just been given a choice. What will you choose?